Saturday, November 27, 2010

NaNoWriMo Update

Day Twenty-Five

That would have been Thanksgiving.  I only wrote 512 words on Thursday.

We finished packing up food for Thanksgiving and clothes for our stay in Santa Rosa in the morning, then drove to Santa Rosa.  It was a pleasant drive.  It was a beautiful, clear day, hardly a cloud in the sky.  And no fog anywhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Traffic was also light, being a holiday and all, so the drive was more pleasant than normal.  Getting through San Francisco and past Petaluma can be tiring.

Anyway, had a lovely Thanksgiving meal.  And then I retired to my grandmother's bedroom to write.  I only managed the aforementioned 512 words.  Then I took a short nap.  We ended up watching the Galapagos documentary that my uncle brought over.  The visuals in that are spectacular.  I fell asleep during the third episode.

Day Twenty-Six

Black Friday.  For some reason, we decided we would actually venture out on the most dangerous shopping day of the year.  We went to REI, because my wife wants a new jacket for Christmas.  And, of course, we went to Toys R Us, which is right next door.  We didn't have much luck.  REI didn't have my wife's sizes in the two jackets she was interested in, and we didn't find any good deals at Toys R Us for the toys our boys want for Christmas.

We also drove over to Home Depot, trying to find 99 cent poinsettias.  They were sold out by the time we got there.

But I did write.  I wrote in the morning, which I've done most days this month quite successfully.  Then another session in the afternoon, and a final one in the evening.  I wrote a total of 1,861 words, for a total of 44,831.

Day Twenty-Seven

Our last day in Santa Rosa.  We decided we'd drive home today after having lunch.  One, we just didn't want to stay all day.  Two, I don't like driving home when it gets dark, and double so when it's raining or has been raining.

Lucky for us, the rain let up as the morning got closer to noon.  Traffic wasn't bad, either.  It was good to get home.  It's always good to get away to Santa Rosa to visit with my grandmother, but it's always good to get back home again.

I wrote in three sessions again today, one early in the morning right after breakfast, one a little later in the morning, and then one this afternoon after we got home.  I wrote 2,075 words today, for a total of 46,906.

I just have 3,094 words to go.  I might finish tomorrow.  If not, I'll finish on Monday for sure.  Tuesday's writing, then, will just be icing on the cake.

If you look at my calendar wordcount widget, it looks like I didn't write at all on Thursday and Friday.  I did write both days, though I certainly didn't make the 1,667 word count goal for Thursday.  They show up as red because I did not log on to the NaNoWriMo website to update my word count.  My grandmother does not have internet access, and I was not going to go out somewhere with WiFi to update my word count with my laptop.  How do I know how many words I wrote?  I used a different file on my Neo for each day, so I could track each day's word count, and then my total in Word once I transferred my writing over to my laptop from my Neo.  Wait!  There's a word for that.  Yes, I'm a little anal-retentive.

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