Monday, November 22, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Two

I didn't write this morning.  I had to get some work done, checking in some papers, so I could get them back to students today and review them with my class.  I put off doing any work all weekend, so I had to get it done this morning.

I planned on leaving work as soon as I could, so I could get home and write.  My back was killing me.  My wife thinks it's from all the writing.  A couple of ibuprofen and something to eat - I skipped lunch - and I felt much better.

I got my writing playlist going on iTunes on my laptop, and grabbed my Neo and started writing.  I wrote like a madman.  I consistently find that I write more when I use my Neo.  I think it's the small display.  I'm not distracted by text that I've already written.  I don't keep going back and looking at what I've written.  Nor am I distracted by the red and green lines of the spell- and grammar-check.  I've made lots more typos this year than I did last year, but who cares?  That's what December is for.

Anyway, I wrote exactly 1,234 words in about 45 minutes.  I picked up my younger son and then my wife.  We had dinner, and then I wrote some more, for a total of 1,901 words for today.  I'm now at 38,776.  I checked the Excel spreadsheet that I'm using to track my word count and saw that I've passed the 75% mark.

I feel like I'm on schedule.  My novel has gone in directions I didn't initially plan, but I'm entering the territory of act three, so I'm getting near the end.

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