Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day Nineteen

I wrote again this morning.  I feel better already, getting back on track with a regular morning writing session.  My morale about my writing hasn't been the best the last couple of days, but I feel much better this morning.  I wrote 621 words on my Neo.  Again, I'm finding that I write more and more quickly when I write on my Neo as opposed to my laptop.

Have to leave work early today for a parent-teacher conference with my youngest son's teacher today.  Then, I plan on getting some more writing done, about another thousand words to meet today's wordcount goal.  I'd like to have some time this evening to watch a movie and relax.  I think I need to reward myself a little bit for the good job I've done so far this month, and for reaching that three-fifths benchmark.  I wouldn't say the end's in sight, but I feel like I'm on a downward slope now.

I ended up writing 1,715 words today, putting me at a total of 33,012.  It felt good to be back on track again.  I stumbled there for a day or two, but now I'm back in my groove again.

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