Saturday, April 23, 2011

Three Poems for Poetic Asides

don't think, write
get those words down on
paper right away

in your brain
they're no good, just clutter
slowing you down

set them free
see what they have to
say to you

you don't know
what you think until you
write them down

and I can't
read your mind, so write
down those words

then we can
talk and get somewhere new
you and I

* * *

It ain't my
business what other
people think
about me.
The mouth is for talking and
the brain for thinking.

* * *

like as




* * * * *

The first is in response to the "Don't (blank), (blank)" prompt and I also used it as my form poem. Each stanza is a Jack Collom lune of 3/5/3 words.

The second is in response to writing an "ain't none of my business" poem. It also happens to be a shadorma.

The third is in response to the "Like (blank)" prompt.

Spent the morning checking to see what poems I had posted to my blog which I had not posted at Poetic Asides, then discovered the reverse was also true. So, here are three poems I've written this month and posted in the comments at Poetic Asides that I have not yet posted here. A huge "Thank You" to Anders Bylund for his Poem a Day Search Tool.

Addendum: I'm going to be gone most of the weekend and not online, so I will be catching up with reading poems and commenting late Sunday and Monday.


  1. All 3 a wonderful, Mr. Walker, but I love the second one especially.
    "The mouth is for talking and
    the brain for thinking."
    too much, talking these days, and not enough thinking if you ask me.


  2. Pamela, thank you for being such a regular visitor here. I genuinely appreciate your thoughtful and kind comments. I agree with you completely: too much talking and not enough thinking these days.