Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doggy Love

i'm willing to eat your dis / once
because you are a kid
and don't know any better / yet

watch as i pull / a long pink balloon
from my mouth / blow it up
twist it into a doggy for you

you will play with your doggy
for five minutes
until you turn away your attention
and your doggy falls
to the grass / pop

i'm willing to eat your sadness
over and over every day
if i have to
because i love you

you ask for another doggy
but i am out of balloons

i offer you a hug instead
it helps calm your tears
but it doesn't make you happy
and we both know it

but the hug makes me happy

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to three prompts: one, a love poem at Poetic Asides, a poem beginning "I'm willing to eat..." from We Write Poems, and one in which you pull a small object out of your mouth from Big Tent Poetry.

The inspiration for this poem came when I was reading "Willing to Eat Worms" by Amy Barlow Liberatore at her blog, Sharp Little Pencil. Thanks for the inspiration, Amy.

Richard (aka Mr. Walker)


  1. I hated that prompt. You have managed a meaningful poem with it. Bravo. I love your last line.

  2. I'm willing to eat your dis / once
    :) I love this line, and it continues into a great piece. I wrote about pulling tech decks(those miniature skateboards) out of my mouth...but it just didn't roll. lol

  3. I can feel the love here!

  4. Mr. Walker, I enjoyed your poem greatly. I can picture the scene, and as SweetTalkingGuy said, feel the love. Love the lines:
    "you ask for another doggy
    but I am out of balloons" I have a little granddaughter who is always asking me for hugs. I think it makes both of us happy!

  5. Good job on that prompt. Like Viv, I couldn't do anything with it.
    Mad Kane

  6. Viv, thank you. I had no idea what to do with that eating prompt until I read Amy's poem. And then pulling something out of your mouth just seemed to go with it.

    Brenda, thanks. Those first lines are really important, aren't they?

    SweetTalkingGuy, thanks. It did turn into a love poem.

    Mary, thank you. And I'm glad to hear the hugs make you both happy.

    Madeleine, thank you. I often can't do anything with a prompt right away; it usually takes me a day or two, if at all.