Saturday, March 19, 2011

National Poetry Month is approaching

So, here it is March 19, 2011, and I'm already anticipating writing a poem a day in April. I'm not the only one. I just did a Google search and located an article entitled "Thinking Ahead to National Poetry Month." And another one entitled "10 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month."

And I already found a post from Robert Brewer on his poetry blog about the upcoming Poem-A-Day Challenge.

I'll be looking around for other sites that will be posting prompts as well. I'll take any inspiration I can find. There are several prompts from last year at Read Write Poem that I didn't use. I didn't know about their site until April was nearly over.

I'll have spring break off from work this year during April, so that should make some of the writing easier. (You know how lazy we teachers are, only working nine months out of the year and getting every holiday off, not to mention a week for spring break and the two weeks we get off in December. I hope all my friends at Fox News won't be confused by my sarcasm.)  I'll also be working on cleaning up my novel from last year's NaNoWriMo so that I can send off for my free proof copy.

We've already finished our sessions with California Poets in the Schools, but I'll probably teach some more poetry writing lessons during April. My students have been working hard to get ready for the standardized testing again this year, so I think writing poems will be a good way to de-stress. And I want to get back to reading a poem a day during the month, to get back to my Poetry 180 project for elementary school students.

Which led me to a blog I've not seen before, but which I'm glad I discovered: 100 Scope Notes.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the poetry blog roll link. :-)

    We'll be doing something at Big Tent Poetry.

    And using old prompts from RWP, Big Tent, Writers Island, etc. is a good idea. Big Tent also has a list of other prompt sites in our "Beyond the Big Tent" page.

    Have fun!

    deb at

  2. Thanks, Deb. I'll definitely check out "Since April Is Such a Circus" and "Beyond the Big Tent." I'm enjoying writing poems in response to prompts again.