Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Song

yesterday's rainstorm was not
an example of spring showers
what we abundantly got
was rain for hours and hours

the earthworms were out and happy
from their burrows damp and wet
even the trees were less sappy
the sparrows in nests were all set

the snails made a break for the side
of the walk oh so slowly
though I stayed dry and warm inside
my mood was all so lowly

the windows were sheeted with rain
so things outside were a blur
I wouldn't want to be a drain
with that I think you'll concur

so I'll try to lift up my mood
and sing a small silly song
I'll cook up some warm comfort food
setting things... at least not wrong

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to Prompt 128 over at Poetic Asides to write a spring poem.


  1. Mr. W., I loved this. I posted at PA as well...

    The "grey days" of early spring weigh heavily on me (S.A.D., one of the most apt acronyms ever!). You dealt with it well.

    You also gave me an oddly pleasant memory: The smell of worms at those first rains. Takes me back to growing up in the country!

    Thanks. And since you deserve a laugh, here's one on me. Amy

  2. Amy, thanks for dropping by. I'm glad it was evocative for you. We don't get snow here in California, but the rain can be a little depressing. And lately, we've had too much of it.