Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poem a Day: Horror

It has seemed some days like the Poem a Day prompts were tailor made for me. One day the prompt was to write a history poem. And that prompt came the day after I bought a book on the Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington, Adopted Son.

Yesterday, the prompt was to write a self-portrait poem. And that fell on my wedding anniversary. That was a particularly easy prompt to respond to.

And it happened again today. Today's prompt is to write a horror poem. And last night I watched The Host. The other day on Digg I came across an article about movie monsters, which reminded me of the scary one in Cloverfield, and which also mentioned The Host, which I already had on my NetFlix queue, so I streamed it on my laptop. While I haven't written my horror poem yet, I do recommend The Host. And I want to watch Cloverfield again.

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