Thursday, May 26, 2011


opening day / of summer vacation looms
hours and hours of unstructure / waiting to be filled
no lesson plans to write / no other people's children to teach
no papers to read and grade / just notebooks to fill with poems
titled or not / capitalized or not / punctuated or not
let ungrammar reign / and feelings and meaning rain / down on the page

don't title / don't limit or restrict
don't set up preconceptions / let them discover
let that be the joy / not the cleverness of your title
forms or free verse / whatever the poem wants to be
just let it / give it permission to be / itself
just to be / to come into being
it doesn't have to do anything / let it be
listen to the Beatles / write a song / let the lyrics flow

give yourself permission / daydream / write
compose in your head / read some untitled poems
journey into their territory / with an incomplete map
you fill it in / they aren't blanks
it's not that kind of not / there is no negativity
just potential / energy inside you / just wanting to be kinetic
but it's not work / it's play / kinetic and kinesthetic

give it voice / fill the air with your words
we need them / I need them / keep them coming
like air / there's more there than you think

go out / and photosynthesize
take in some vitamin D / turn that into a poem
it doesn't need to be a thesis / a funky synthesis will do
a little antithesis / if you want
that goes with untitled / right?

/ / /

This poem was written to the prompt at Poets United to write a poem titled "untitled".

I really needed this. Tomorrow is the last day of my school year. I will be promoting 32 fifth-grade students to middle school. I have been working my tail off to be ready for tomorrow, and I am so ready for a break. Poetry is my sanity.


  1. Richard, I understand how ready you are for summer. Been there, done that! You will soon be free. I hope you write up a storm this summer. I feel as you do. Poetry is my sanity!

  2. Congrats and bless you for caring for a difficult age of kid! You definitely deserve a good summer break! Let your brain run wild and read, write, and relax!

  3. Mary, thanks. My wife has commented more than once in recent weeks how calm I seem; I'm usually stressed out this close to the end of the school year. I attribute a lot of it to writing poems and sharing them with fine people like you.


  4. Lolamouse, thank you. You were posting your comment as I was replying to Mary. I plan on doing lots of reading, writing, and relaxing this summer - and spending quality time with my own children.


  5. Richard...Yes, summer vacation. It looms at the end of next week here. I haven't had much time to sit and write. I love this piece, thanks for taking the time to construct it. It is thoughtful and timely for me.

  6. Brenda, thanks. I've been so busy, that I've fallen behind on writing poems. You're going to post a new wordle tomorrow and I haven't written a poem to last week's wordle yet. Glad you liked this one; that "untitled" prompt spoke to me.