Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fire Dominates

we are turning toward the fire
some with dove tails think
it will protect us from the dark
others with hawk tails feel
the dark has fallen against them
they think the fire can be used
to push the twilight away
still others fear that the wind will rise
fanning the flames and the leaves will catch

we are all afraid
some of us cry tears
others cry out, striding forward in anger
that has been shaped
and layered on the fear

and the Earth spins and orbits
around its solar bonfire
caught between planets named for old gods
one of love and one of war

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 6, using twelve words from "Domination of Black" by Wallace Stevens, from a wordling whirl of Sundays.


  1. You wrote a poem of depth from these words. I liked the contrast of dove tails with hawk tails; and those who cry with those who cry out. Amazing what you did with these words!

  2. Mary, thanks, as always for your kind and thoughtful words. I don't often repeat the wordle words like that, but this poem seemed to call for it. Glad it worked well.


  3. This is absolutely amazing, Richard. I love where the words took you.


  4. Thanks, Pamela. I love the discovery that comes with poeming from a wordle.


  5. I just love the imagery, especially the reference to the planets of war and love; that's a strong ending.

  6. Abigail, thank you. I must say that ending occurred because I hadn't yet used the word "planets", but it did make a nice ending.


  7. I like this one quite a bit Richard. The final stanza sums things up perfectly.

  8. Francis, thank you.