Wednesday, August 31, 2011


He maintains the truth around him,
each and every room in turn.
Every vessel of knowledge matters,
each as important as the one before,
the last, the first, and all between.

He doesn't breeze through his work.
He sweeps away the dust and pencil shavings,
but doesn't wipe away the residue of art,
that which was created so fervently,
if yet without much skill.
He has a trunk at home
filled with his own children's artwork,
and each piece he sees fills him anew.

He sometimes skins his knuckles,
making minor repairs to this and that,
but that doesn't matter. It's just a covering,
as his job doesn't cloak who he is.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 19 at The Sunday Whirl. Thanks to Brenda, as always, for these wordles. And thanks again for choosing words from one of my poems. It's good to be missed, but it's even better to be back reading and writing again.

Obviously, being back in the classroom has influenced my subject matter.


  1. I like very much "He maintains the truth around him". A true Custodian.

  2. Unknowngnome, thank you. I very much like "A true Custodian."


  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Ahh... the skinned knuckle conundrum... it always happens to me as I feel like a janitor quite often.

    ~laurie kolp

  4. Laurie, I think we've all done that, being the janitors of our own homes.


  5. Ah, in addition to being a school custodian, he is also a custodian of his children's artwork. A true custodian indeed. Fine writing!

  6. Mary, thank you. Custodian is such a better word than janitor, and you got the other meaning that I was hinting at. I think we are all custodians of far more than others realize.


  7. Nice tribute to all who have responsibility for or look after something. And there is obvious skill involved, the skill of recognizing what to protect and save. Very nice piece.

  8. Marianne, thank you. There is skill involved; nicely said.