Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Banker

it's easy to see desperation
in the eyes of a stranger

not so easy to turn your heart
to granite and slouch by,
but you've managed it

you spin your stories
how they've wasted their lives,
that they've cracked their minds
on drugs, cheapened their bodies

you concern yourself
with how dirty they are,
not ash on their skins
but the oily residue
of urban life

if only they were clean
you tell yourself

but the truth is
you are afraid
afraid that they will screw you
as you've screwed them

you fear the revolution
that they'll rise
and throw you to the ground
from the corporate parapets
you think protect you

but when the revolution of your soul comes
when all worldly concerns are cleansed
you will not find yourself
in the presence of light

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 18 at The Sunday Whirl.


  1. Oh, this definitely is a poem with a message, a well thought out point of view. So much inequity in the banks in this day and age! Well wordled.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! This is one powerful poem! I love "when the revolution comes they will throw you from the corporate parapets". And the revolution of the soul. Deep words. Wonderful writing!

  3. I dont see an email address for you, other than the one at your school - and am not sure if you are there this soon? Would you please contact me at I have a question for you. Thanks, Mr. Walker

  4. Mary, thank you. Sadly, there are a lot of people walking around with banks of the heart that are empty.


  5. Sherry, thank you so much. Your kind words made my day. I appreciate the encouragement of people like you and Mary and the other fine people at Poets United. I sent you an email message. I hope I will have an answer for your question.


  6. Well what can I say ... brilliant!

  7. Very well done! A strong and powerful poem with a really good 'story'/message! and so well delivered Very well wordled sir!

  8. Deborah, Susannah, and Dana, thank you all for your kind comments.


  9. Mr. Walker,

    We are a new online Art Magazine that is in it's beginning stages. It is our goal to find fresh stories, poetry, art and photographs. As we near launch we are collecting posts to feature at our site. We would like to know if you would allow us to share your poem "Banker" on our site. We could not find a better way to contact you. Thank you for considering our request and we hope to hear form you soon.

  10. Restless Artisan Press, thank you for asking. I would be delighted if you featured "The Banker" on your site.