Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Couple

he comes home late
and all he can do is complain
about the damp laundry

she thinks
but the clothes are clean
can't you see that

she holds her anger in
and he is incensed

she wants to avoid conflict
and he wants to fight

he is tired
and feels trapped
in her domesticity

she is tired
of his errant ways
his car the symbol of that

and the skid marks
he leaves on her soul

she's not sure
how much more
she can endure

/ / /

This poem was written using the theme of endure from One Single Impression incorporating damp, incensed, and skid from Three Word Wednesday. It is also a response to the cocktail of words prompt from We Write Poems.

I also offer it as my acceptance of the Perfect Poet Award for week 46 from Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe. I nominate Henry Clemmons, who blogs at The UnderSide of Green.


  1. Excellent show of dis-symmetry of emotions -- while the woman feels for him, the man only feels for himself. "Skid marks he leaves on soul" is very clear expression of the pain she feels he is inflicting on her.

  2. Ravenblack, thank you. I like how you said "dis-symmetry of emotions".


  3. Hello.
    This is a sad but an all too real story of what many have to face in life and love.

    You penned it perfectly.

    Congratulations on receiving the award!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. Good one. I read this part twice:
    "he is tired
    and feels trapped
    in her domesticity"

    Sounded interesting and revealing. Has he tired of her domesticity?

  5. Andy, thank you. It is about life and love. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Agnija, thank you. Yes, he is tired of her domesticity - at least, that's how I imagined him. Or perhaps it's the value she places on domesticity - a value which he does not share.


  7. all too true. and congrats on the award!