Friday, June 03, 2011

from a book of poetry

I was reading this poem
about a girl who sat
   on the same bench
   near some blue hydrangeas
   every Tuesday
   eating her lunch

which she had made herself
and brought from home
and I remember not much caring
about where the lunch came from
or why that bench or Tuesday
or even about who the girl was

when there was a sudden silence
of the crowd of people around me
in the courtyard where I sat

I set down my book of poetry
but I had missed what
had silenced the crowd

as I reached for the sandwich
I'd made at home that morning
I noticed the blue hydrangeas
in the planter behind the bench
and how the petals looked like butterflies
around a small world
and I looked up at the mid-day sky
so blue, and I wondered what we
looked like form the outside
and if anyone bothered to much care

/ / /

I wrote this poem a couple of weeks ago. It was written in response to a prompt from Not Without Poetry.

Grab a book of poetry. Try not to be too picky. From the last line of the first poem, take a word or phrase and write it down. Now, from the first line of the last poem, take a word or phrase and write it down. Now, from a random line from a random poem somewhere in between the first and the last poems, take a word or phrase and write it down. With those three words or phrases, and this picture, write.

I used The Trouble with Poetry by Billy Collins. I used the following three lines form his poems as my inspiration:

near some blue hydrangeas, reading this

I remember not caring much

there is a sudden silence of the crowd


  1. Richard, I like this poem very much. Sometimes we do miss things that are very important. The blue hydrangeas are symbolic of so much that we can miss. And I wonder too, if anyone notices or cares about our details.

    Richard, thanks for your thoughtful comments in my blog. I appreciate them more than you can know. Your blog is among my favorites. You are so 'real.'

  2. Mary, thank you so much. The blue hydrangeas did become symbolic; you said it well, so I won't say any more.

    You are most welcome. I enjoy your poems too; your blog is amongst my favorites as well. I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the support you've given me. As I branch out, I want to always remember who nourished my roots from the start.


  3. This is a beautifully written piece of poetry. It fit and flowed so well together, hard to believe it was inspired from some random unconnected lines. Perfectly worded!


  4. Christy, thank you. I had some good inspiration; Billy Collins is one of my favorite poets.