Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dinner at Millennium

We go out to celebrate and dine
on an exquisite vegan meal. Some wine

for you, my love, while I
will be satisfied, more than fine,

with Pinot Noir grape juice.
As usual, long before the clock reads nine,

though we have talked of our selves,
we both know how splendid, how fine

it is to be parents, and we talk
of our sons, and our hands entwine.

I find myself rich in love,
as I am yours and you are mine.

* * * * *

This poem is a ghazal, written in response to the WD Poetic Form Challenge at Poetic Asides.

It is clear to me now, having read other's poems, that I misunderstood the form of the ghazal. It should have a refrain that repeats, not the rhyme scheme that I used. Additionally, each couplet is supposed to stand alone, but I have carried thoughts from one stanza to the next. Oh well...

I did write about wine and love, and did allude to my name in the last stanza. This is an intriguing form, which I am sure I will attempt again.


  1. Very sweet, and well-ghazaled. Ain't love grand?

    Mrs. Warren

  2. Mrs. Warren, thanks again for reading my poems and leaving comments.

    Love is grand. I have to send this to my wife via Facebook. She doesn't read the poems I write here unless I send them to her. I think she'll get a kick out of this one, since it's about us.