Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vegetarian Times Update

Some good news. Yesterday, I finally was put in touch with Jenny Desjean, the circulation director for Vegetarian Times. I was pretty frustrated at that point, because I tried again to reach the bookstore manager, who I was told repeatedly was the only person who could help me. She was out all last week at a trade show, and was also not in yesterday. Jenny listened to my situation, my frustration, and my complaints, and handled it really well. (This post is a follow up to my previous post.)

She followed up with me via e-mail as she said she would, and she did look into all the concerns I had. I also received a phone call from the bookstore manager assuring me that the book I ordered was being shipped out today. Apparently, the contact information for the bookstore "fell off" the website. It is not on the Contact Us page for the whole website, which is where I looked for it. But it is now on the Contact Us page for the VT Store.

So, all in all, still not the best, but Jenny Desjean mentioned how she is going to make sure the contact information for the bookstore is on other places on the website. I appreciate all the help she gave me. It was still frustrating in locating someone who would actually just listen to my concerns. And to have her apologize for my frustration with the situation went a long way in my not feeling so frustrated.

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