Monday, April 10, 2006

Anniversary Plus One

I'm off on Spring Break this week, and Kelley took today off work so that we could extend our anniversary celebration a little bit more. We went out for breakfast at Hobee's this morning. I had my usual tofu scramble with home fries. It was nice to be out on a weekday and not have the boys along; they were in school as usual and we were able to have a nice talk.

Then we went to go see Spike Lee's The Inside Man. It was an excellent movie, a smart thriller filled with characters interesting to watch. This is what happens when you have a good script written by one person and not a committee put into the hands of a talented director. Is it flawed? Of course it is; it's a thriller. Which means it's plot-driven and not character-driven. Is it going to go down as one of Spike Lee's best movies? No, of course not. But is it a good movie worth seeing on the big screen? Yes, I would definitely recommend it.

And then we drove into the city and went to Amoeba. Kelley wanted to pick up some more music played on the cello. In particular, she was looking for CDs featuring Jacqueline du Pre. We also ended up picking up Bach's cello suites as performed by Msitslav Rostropovich. I picked up a couple of Poncho Sanchez CDs and one by Ben Webster.

On top of all that, it was a beautiful day. We've had so much rain lately. And except for a couple of light sprinkles, it was without rain. Instead, the blue sky was filled with large, fluffy white clouds. And the air was so clear, you could see the Farallones.

We had a really nice day. We love our children, but we were a couple long before we had children, and today was an enjoyable throwback to those days.

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