Monday, April 17, 2006

Food Network Star Update

Okay, I think I called it way back on Sunday, April 2nd. I predicted Guy Fieri as the next Food Network star, and now he's one of the two finalists. I missed last week's episode, because it was our anniversary, so last night I watched three hours of The Next Food Network Star, last week's episode, plus a special two-episode pre-finale. Next week, the winner will be announced. I voted for Guy Fieri today, and so can you.


  1. I've been away from my favorite blogs for a couple of weeks now. Just no time! I'm hoping to catch up with yours before the weekend is out. Looks like you've been busy.
    Cheers and Happy Earth Day!

  2. Hi Richard! Your anniversary is the day after my birthday!
    I'm glad you seem to have gotten some resolution with the Vegetarian Times books. Has the new one arrived yet? What do you think of the Uncheese book? I'm considering buying it, but don't know anyone who has actually tried some of the recipes.
    The bit that you posted from Fast Food Nation was pretty disturbing. Gross actually. As gross as Fear Factor! I'm not a fan at all and cannot understand the fascination either. The cooking show on the other hand looks awesome. (I clicked over and watched the video clips) I'm sorry I missed the whole season. The finale is tomorrow! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the next go-round.
    Keep the posts coming! And a belated Happy Anniversary!

  3. Carrie,

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, the book I ordered did arrive. I did make the Buffalo Mostarella, which is an uncheese; it turned out pretty good. I'm not sure I'm ready to recommend it yet or not. Fast Food Nation was a compelling, yet disturbing read; I do recommend it. I watch Food Network too much, and I do like The Next Food Network Star. I think it's pretty savvy of them as a way of finding new talent, and it makes for good television. I will post something new soon.