Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday, July 13, 2007

Slept in again this morning. Just relaxed. Finally, near noon, we headed into Indianapolis.

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Shelbyville and had lunch. It's one of my wife's favorite places to go. They have a Vegetable Plate where you can pick four of any of several vegetable and side dishes. Many are vegetarian, but some are not; their green beans and greens (I don't recall if they're turnip or collard) are cooked with bacon. I usually get the corn, baby carrots, fried apples, and okra. I hope the breading on the okra is vegan, though I doubt it.

They did have a vegetable soup which was one of the soups of the day. I asked if it was made with chicken stock or vegetable stock, and the waitress said it was made with beef stock. But the wife and kids like to eat there, so I make do.

We then drove through downtown Indianapolis on our way to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My uncle gave us directions which took us by the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, the Indiana State Museum, and the Indianapolis Zoo. All three of which are in the White River State Park. We want to go to the Eiteljorg as well as the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, but I don't think we'll manage either of them this trip.

We went to the Hall of Fame Museum at the speedway, which has an impressive number of race cars and other vehicles on display. They also offer a grounds tour, and weather and use permitting, a track tour. We were really looking forward to the track tour; my uncle said repeatedly how good it was. The track tour wasn't available because some NASCAR drivers were taking some practice laps on the track.

We did watch the 20 minute video presentation which included footage and history of the speedway as well as the Indy 500. I learned a lot that I didn't know, and it put some of the cars on display into perspective.

For example, the yellow car in the middle is the Belond Special, which was driven to victory in the Indy 500 twice, by two different drivers.

We bought the boys a couple of toy cars in the gift shop, then drove back to Rushville. We went for an early evening swim, then off to bed.

Addendum: Took a lot of pictures trying to capture what the Midwest looks like. Most of then just don't do it justice. But I like this one.

We live in the very urban San Francisco Bay Area. Even though we live in the suburbs south of the city, where there are no skyscrapers or many tall buildings at all, there is nothing rural about where we live. It was refreshing to be surrounded by so much farmland. And the sky in the Midwest...! The sky where we live isn't gray or depressing, but it is like a blanket that mutes everything. And then there's the famous fog. Even though we live just a handful of miles from the Pacific Ocean and you'd think we'd always have these fabulous views of the sun setting over the water, we don't. Between the clouds and the fog, we really don't get sunsets like we saw while we were in Indiana and Ohio.

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