Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sadly Waiting

I thought it was time I posted the poem whose title I borrowed for this blog. A couple of years ago I taught a poetry lesson, the sestina, and had my students write poems in this style. After that we worked with Susan Sibbet, through California Poets in the Schools. She came in once a week for eight weeks or so and taught poetry writing to my students. I have worked with Susan for several years and each year I ask her back because I love how she brings out another side of my students that as their regular classroom teacher I don't always see. Well, every few years, the poets, like Susan, are able to nominate poems to be published in their yearly anthology. Well, that year, one of the poems she submitted was Matthew's poem, Sadly Waiting for Recess, and it was published in that year's anthology. This gives you some idea of what kind of person Susan Sibbet is. She chose a poem to submit from a lesson that she did not teach; I took it as a high compliment and a sign of her generous nature, that, and the quality of Matthew's poem.

To find a review of Susan's latest book, No Easy Light, you my go to Verse or to NewPages. You can also find more information about her and her book at Sixteen Rivers Press.

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