Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sadly Waiting for Recess

Recess is ages away,
when will it be recess?
I wait and I wait.
Walking in circles.
Just waiting for recess to come.
Now I just want to smash clocks

Circles remind me of clocks.
I really just can't wait!
To get outside running huge circles.
Please let recess come!
Now I need to get away.
Come, recess!

I need to fast-forward time so I don't need to wait
Clocks need to be faster so recess can come.
We all need recess.
Why do I hate clocks
Is it because I want time to go away
The teacher is yelling at me because I'm walking in circles.

Why wait?
I could just sneak to recess.
Who cares about clocks.
We don't need to learn shapes that look like circles.
Let recess come!
I wish I could fly away.

Who am I kidding? I must wait
If I need to get away
The decorations look like clocks
They're all in shapes like circles
I must go to all my classes before they come
Look, it's almost recess!

5 minutes before recess!
I almost can go away!
No more waiting!
Goodbye clocks.

by Matthew Lau

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