Friday, March 24, 2006

Parent-Teacher Conferences are Over!

I'm tired... but it's over. I met with the parents of all thirty of my students this week. And I am exhausted. Teaching is hard work, but it's not nearly as tiring as talking to other adults about their children.

And it wasn't that I was dreading any of them (the adults or the conferences). In fact, all the conferences went really well. I just decided this year that I was not going to stress myself out about them. I got a little stressed worrying about whether I would finish all the report cards in time, but not about actually meeting with my students' parents.

You know you're tired when your child's preschool teacher comments that you look a little run down, as happened yesterday. I just looked at her with my weary smile and croaked out, "Parent-Teacher Conferences." We nodded knowingly to each other and not another word was said.

But it was nice to have it acknowledged just how tired I've been this week. And it also was just one more piece of evidence of just how wonderful my son's preschool teacher is.

Anyway... I'm glad it's Friday, and the weekend is upon me. I need to do some serious relaxation and rejuvenation. I need it.

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