Wednesday, June 15, 2011


it's difficult sometimes
to know if what I do
is aligned with my priorities

life is erratic
like it's charting a course for me
that doesn't seem guided
by fate or design

I look for omens
signs to show me
that I'm doing the right things

even the occasional bad omen would be okay
something to fight against
an obstacle giving me
a short-term goal to focus on
something to measure myself by

but the fact is I don't believe in omens
signs from above or below
what's here and now
in the middle matters

teaching young people
writing poems
making my small portion
of this erratic life
brighter and more beautiful

at least I think so
that's the question I started with
isn't it?

but then I look
at my boys
and see what is reflected
in their luminous eyes

and everything seems
true and good
what I know
and what I do
the things that are me
appear congruent

and I wonder
why I question myself at all

I should take that
as a good omen

/ / /

This poem was written for the cocktail of words prompt at We Write Poems. I used the priorities prompt from Poetic Asides and erratic, luminous, and omen from Three Word Wednesday.

A special "Thank you" to the great people at We Write Poems for using my prompt idea this past week. I enjoy writing to their prompts and being a part of their community. I am looking forward to seeing what others have written.


  1. Yes... you should. This is the tale of priorities and values right and true. Lovely

  2. Kim, thank you for your kind words.


  3. I go with what feels right, now and again reflect on whether what I think is right is right. If you feel good about yourself the odds are you are going the right thing.

    Anna :o]

  4. I believe that we head in the general direction of our priorities. Sometimes we may get a little off track, but our inner compass brings us back.

    I am sure you see your good influence reflected in your sons' luminous eyes!

  5. Anna, I agree with you. I think I have to strike a better balance between thinking and feeling. I have often trusted my intuition when I didn't know what to think - and it was the right thing.


  6. Mary, I think I worry too much about getting off track. I need to trust my inner compass more. As always, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.


  7. Wow! I love how you have expressed your feelings here... children sure do change our perspective, don't they?

  8. Laurie, thank you so much. They change everything - and it's all good.


  9. It's one's own children who often reminds one of what is important and keeps one focused. I really like the play on bad and good omens -- very uplifting how looking for omens, expecting occasional bad ones and then coming to the conclusion of finding a good one. I am being too wordy here perhaps -- I really like this poem.

  10. Ravenblack, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. You're not being too wordy. Glad you liked it.


  11. A thought-provoking poem indeed.

    I don't have any children, but I am responsible for looking after my mom.
    I believe we set out to do the right thing, even if we get a little sidetracked. We should trust that third voice called's rarely wrong.

    Nicely expressed.

    Congratulations also for this one making Poem of the Week over at Poets United!

  12. Andy, thank you. You're right; we have to trust that third voice, intuition. I was pleased to have this one chose as Poem of the Week at Poets United. Thanks for stopping by.