Thursday, May 20, 2010

"in the aud/i/tor/i/um"

in the aud/i/tor/i/um
for another music assembly

it's too late in the year for this
we've all got spring fever

and it's just too boring to listen
to musicians tell us how to say

music in five different languages
just play your music

and transport us somewhere else
because that's what we want now

have you forgotten how to read
your audience - or do you dismiss

that because they're just children
is this just another gig for you

that you want to be done with
because you played "Libertango"

beautifully and I wanted to be free

* * * * *

This poem is a response to the We Write Poems prompt to write a poem after listening to some music.


  1. Enjoyed this very much. (for/mer teach/er)

    Those assemblies were always horrible. Time fillers at best, perfunctory performances provided by uninspired musicians, going through the motions for the millionth time.

  2. Ron, thank you for your comments. I'm glad you got my lit/tle joke. What bothered me most was that some of these assemblies have been top-notch. I think jazz musicians keep that improvisational approach that maintains the interest for them as well, but not so this time.

  3. oh, that is a grim thing. Making music intolerable should get someone a severe reprimand or a silver bullet. It's way to close to summer. At least you have an aud-i-tor-i-um and not bleachers in a hot gym.

    I love that you-and-children are a bored unit, but you are indignant on their behalf, and you the self want to be free. that's a subtle viewpoint.

  4. I agree with should be a blessing, not a burden. I love your honesty in this piece and your statement to be set free at the end...I get the sense that you wanted to like the music, but that the experience had been half-ruined already. Nicely done.


  5. Richard, you don't need to read my poem's awful. LOL! I hate putting words to lyrics, but I keep trying. Your poem...ah, frustration with beauty. Bad child, you. LOL! Liked, especially, "music in five different languages..."

  6. Barbara, thank you for your kind comments. I especially love "severe reprimand or a silver bullet". It made me chuckle.

    Nicole, I did want to like the music, some of which I did like, but the overall experience was disappointing. Thank you, too, for your comments.

    Linda, I did read your poem again, and I like it. I think you struggled successfully with some interesting rhymes - and the rhythm of your poem works. And I like the tension I'm reading between being wet and dry. There's a lot going on there. Thank you for appreciating my "frustration with beauty".

    Thank you all for commenting on my poem, which I was not feeling so great about after reading some good poems from others who really tried to capture music in words, but I accept your gentle praise gratefully.

  7. Nicely done Mr. Walker.

    To be transported somewhere else is what good poetry, and good music can do.

  8. Brenda,

    Thank you for your kind words. I'll be reading some of your poetry soon.

  9. Mr Walker, you have done a good job of capturing the feelings of students who have to endure something that really is not interesting to them...yet the performers just don't understand.