Friday, May 25, 2007

Vegan Eats in the San Francisco Bay Area

I was so pleased to see the two articles (below) in my local paper.

I'm familiar with Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I own both of her cookbooks. You can find a link to her website, The Post Punk Kitchen, under Links on the right.

I had previously heard of Que SeRaw SeRaw, but I have yet to eat there. Soon, I promise. And I'll report back.

I had not heard of the vegan donut place in Berkeley, however. That was news to me, and I'm trying to figure out an excuse to drive across the bay and buy some donuts.

Nina's Kitchen

The other day I went out for lunch at a local coffee shop, and I discovered something new. They had these apple walnut cinnamon rolls made by Nina's Kitchen. I had never seen them before, and I'll try any new vegan thing I see at least once. The $3 was a little steep, but it was worth it. It was really delicious, and I'm going to keep buying them so that they keep them in stock. I checked out their website: Nina's Kitchen, and found out that they're in nearby Watsonville.


  1. YAY for your newspaper and also excited for you to get to try all this new cool stuff. Vegan donuts?! YEAH BABY!!

    And having been on the road recently and eating out fairly often, i can tell you that $3 for the cinnamon roll is not exorbitant...

    Bon vegapetit!